A cozy, ecological and “quiet” hotel

Hotel De La Ville is a Boutique Hotel located in Laigueglia in the Western Riviera of Liguria.

Its current typological-distributive configuration derives from a low environmental impact building renovation based on the principles of sustainability and well-being to guarantee high levels of living comfort. The technological-constructive choices are derived from the precise objective to ensure the achievement of high values of thermal, visual and acoustic well-being, as well as paying great attention to the ergonomics of the spaces, essential factors for the achievement of the guests’ psycho-physical well-being. Particular attention has been paid to solving problems relating to thermal comfort, lighting levels and natural ventilation, acoustic insulation from both internal and external noise.

In the search for an experience

that is immediately perceived there according to the cadenced and simple rhythms still alive in the Ligurian culture. It is easy to be attracted by this feeling that captivates and immediately makes people become part of the environment, which will be modelled and expressed in your stay.

A door for a meeting with a new place

where you can enter and calmly listen to what it can offer. A place that has always lived by the sea among the colours of the blue and clear skies, of a jagged coast that inspired us. An external and internal environment that merge to offer calmness and sincere memory of a past that has shaped the people and these enchanting places.

Rediscovering the pleasure of sobriety

it is an imperative we all aim and seek. We believe we have combined elegance and refinement in a balance that belongs to us and that we felt we could offer in the spaces created in this ancient residence and with our attentive service.

Sharing pleasant moments

has always been in the imagination and the reason for a stay, in the spirit of carving out moments to be lived and then brought back with you. Here you can perhaps experience this alchemy given to us also by the Borgo that embraces the Hotel, totally breathing the moments of its everyday life.

It’s like entering a world that welcomes you

respecting your desires and expectations, almost an oasis where you can let yourself be carried away. An environment made up of many moments where attention to the factors of sustainability and quality of the materials used have been captured as absolute values for overall well-being.